The Child Dental Benefits Scheme

At Myer Street Dental Clinic, our patients are able to access the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). The Government introduced the scheme in January 2014, and it provides benefits for basic dental services, aged between 2 and 17 years. Since the scheme began around 3 million children have been able to access quality dental care, that’s 3 million children and families that are offered basic dental care which, frankly, they just wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.  

The range of services the CBDS cover includes are examinations, cleaning, fillings, fissure sealing, x-rays, root canals and extractions. The benefit cap is set at $1000 over a two year period, and you can check eligibility for your family on the Department of Human Services website

Good Dental Habits Start Early

The CBDS allows the opportunity for our clinic to offer children access to preventative care that sets them on the right track of good dental care. 

We decided to implement bulk billing as it supports our clinic’s endeavour to educate young people in forming good habits early which minimises the needs for expensive treatments when they are older. There is also less hesitation in families accessing the care that kids need. It’s a win-win situation. 

The two leading problems in oral health are decay and gum disease, and our team wants to work together with children to improve their dental health and reduce the likelihood of premature loss of teeth. Treatments such as fillings and extractions can also be reduced. It also gives us the opportunity to identify any individual oral issues early to improve the outcome. 

Perhaps even more importantly, we believe that getting children comfortable early with cleaning and other basic dental practices, makes them familiar with the environment. The ability for families to introduce their children, even one and two year olds, to interaction with dental professionals, will encourage them to maintain that relationship with the practice ongoing. A pleasant experience ongoing alleviates the fear and stigma of attending the dentist.

Our patients and their families know, the team here at Myers Street is all about the family friendly environment. We take our responsibility to all our patients seriously, but pride ourselves on the care of our younger patients, as we want to be our patients and their family’s health partners for life. 

The crux of it is: if you get your kids started on something early it’ll become a habit and be something they’re less likely to resist. The  CBDS supports our endeavours at the Myer St clinic around the education and improvement of ongoing dental hygiene of our children. 

For more info on whether you may qualify and how to book, contact our team at

(03) 5222 4599

  • Dr Gautam Herle
(03) 5222 4599