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Instead of having cavities filled with amalgam or composite resin material, some teeth requiring the combination of strength as well as high aesthetics may require Dental Crowns that are custom made in the laboratory. 

Firstly, the tooth is shaped and prepared, and impressions are taken to transfer the detail to the laboratory. A few weeks later, the final porcelain restoration is fitted and cemented to the tooth in the place where a filling would have occupied.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are a tooth-shaped covering made of porcelain, ceramic, glass or metal that covers the original tooth. It is used to cover a tooth that is decayed, weak, stained, odd-shaped, has a large filling, is cracked or broken and needs to be held together, or has a root canal where there isn’t much of the tooth left and it needs to be reinforced. 

They are also used when a person needs a bridge to cover a missing tooth or to hold a denture in place. Dental crowns are used when there is no alternative to filling the cavity or repairing a broken or decayed tooth.

Dental Crowns Geelong at Myers Street Dental Clinic by Dr Gautam Herle

Important points to remember:

Crowns are an effective way to keep and protect the original tooth. They improve the appearance of the tooth and are more stain-resistant than natural teeth, however, they still can stain over time if exposed to coffee, red wine or smoking.  

Like with veneers, you need to look after the dental crown by brushing and flossing daily. While the crown won’t be susceptible to decay, the tooth under it still is and needs good oral hygiene to keep it stable. If well looked after a crown can last 15 years or more. However, sometimes they can break off if the cement doesn’t work or the tooth underneath becomes decayed.

Are dental crowns painful to get?

The preparation for getting a crown is done using a local anaesthetic with no pain involved, only mild discomfort. When the crown is placed over the original tooth and cemented on you are numbed first and it is not painful.  

How long does it take to get a dental crown?

The procedure requires two appointments with a 2 to 3-week wait in between for the technician to make the crown. 

At the first appointment the tooth is prepared and a layer of the tooth is removed for the crown to fit on top of it. Then a mould of the tooth is made for the technician to create the crown and match the size and colour of the original tooth, ensuring it will blend in with the rest of your teeth. While the crown is being made you may receive a temporary crown. When the final one is ready it will be fitted over the tooth with dental adhesive cement at the second appointment.

Main benefits of getting dental crowns:

Dental crowns are often a definitive way to make a weak tooth stronger. They relieve discomfort for a tooth that has enamel or structural damage in one fairly simple treatment. It is always better to keep the original tooth if possible. A dental crown prevents a tooth from being extracted and then requiring a dental implant later on. The crowns are custom made to fit your teeth and restore the appearance of your smile for many years to come. 

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