Dr Shammi Weerasinghe, or Shammi as he is affectionately known by his patients and team, prides himself on delivering the ultimate patient experience.

“I treat each and every patient as if they are my own family, giving them choices, being thorough with my explanations of diagnoses and treatments including their advantages and risks.”

It is paramount for Shammi to ensure his patients are well informed.  From a thorough examination to a detailed explanation of diagnoses and treatment options, Shammi wants his patients to make well informed decisions that lead to long lasting results and positive outcomes.  Clear communication is key to this and is one of Shammi’s greatest assets.

“Dentistry is just as much about having a trusting and caring relationship with my patients, as it is about delivering high quality and skilful care. I come to the practice each day looking forward to seeing my long-term clients and hearing about their lives, meeting new patients and building a trusting relationship, and interacting with my team in whose abilities and personalities I respect and trust.”

Dr Shammi has been servicing the Greater Geelong community since 2010. He has built a reputation within the community and amongst his patients as a reliable and caring dentist, committed to their long-term oral health. Myers Street Dental Clinic has historical prominence in the Geelong community. This loyalty to his patients and trust in the team led Shammi to be an owner and principal dentist at Myers Street Dental Clinic.

… I love what I do…

“Not many people can say that they enjoy what they do for work.  I can truly say that I enjoy being a dentist.  I enjoy the impact that I can make on people’s lives, both in a tangible and intangible way.  Getting people out of pain is the obvious one but what I love most is changing someone’s life forever.  Allowing someone to smile confidently when they have been self-conscious their whole lives and seeing the impact that makes on their lives is the most amazing feeling!”

I have a special interest in cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry, whether its Invisalign to give someone straight teeth for the first time in their lives, Veneers to give them their dream smile or Dental Implants to allow them to eat effectively and pain free.

More about Shammi

Shammi grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne.  He completed his dental training at the University of Adelaide in 2009.  He has been working within the Greater Geelong region his entire career and calls Geelong West home.  Shammi has completed advanced training in Invisalign and in placement of Dental Implants.  He has been performing these treatments as well as other complex aspects of dentistry for over a decade, building a reputation of reliability.

3 things Shammi enjoys the most about dentistry:

  1. Building trust. Often patients have had bad experiences and there is nothing better than rebuilding confidence and building lifelong trust.
  2. Modern digital dentistry. Using the most up to date equipment and techniques to achieve optimum dental health in the most comfortable way possible.
  3. Changing people’s lives. Creating dream smiles, building self-confidence and allowing patients to be the best version of themselves.

FAST FACT: Shammi and his lovely wife Cassandra have a daughter and a son. They enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle and are both keen runners!


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