What can an oral health therapist do for me, you might ask? Well, Alex Everett can explain.

An oral health therapist is a dental professional who has qualifications in dental therapy and dental hygiene,” he says.

“We help you on dental health journey by providing care across a variety of areas from children to adults. They are an integral part of the dental team and for your dental health journey.”

Alex has been working as an Oral Health Therapist (OHT) since 2015, and enjoys interacting with so many different people.

“I’m originally from Melbourne, but went to high school and played all my sport in Geelong. I lived, worked and went to university in Bendigo for five years before moving to Geelong with my partner and little boy,” he says.

“I was instantly fascinated at how complicated such a physically small part of our body could be, which is what attracted me to the profession. Once I began, I was hooked and the best part about being an OHT then became about the interaction with my patients.”

Alex helps the patients at Myers Street Dental Clinic by giving them tools and knowledge to care for their health between visits to their dentist.

“It’s about being able to use my full scope as an OHT.”

3 quick facts about Alex Everett you may not know:

  1. Favourite food: All food!
  2. Most enjoyable past-time: Playing outside with my son
  3. Most important thing in your life: Family and the Geelong Cats
BEST DENTAL TIP: Oral hygiene is all about habits.
“If flossing first thing in the morning is difficult to build into your existing routine, find a time when it will be easier,” he says.


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