Geelong dentist Dr Brenda Loh loves everything about being a dentist, all aspects of dentistry along with the possibilities it brings for people. But most of all, she is passionate about applying the latest developments in science and technology to improve the condition of her patients.

Brenda has been a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) since 2002, serving as Treasurer of the local ADA (Southern Group) between 2006-2009.

She was awarded a Fellowship with the International Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics (IADFE, New York), an honour extended by invitation only to dentists, physicians and members of the cosmetics/dental industry who have distinguished themselves in their respective professions.

Brenda also holds a Masters in Laser Dentistry, having trained with the Laser & Health Academy (LA & Ha, Slovenia), an internationally renowned organisation dedicated to education and advancements in the use of lasers in medicine and dentistry. On the international stage, Brenda has shared her knowledge and work on using dental lasers in advanced procedures that are not yet common practice in general dentistry.

In December 2021, Brenda was invited to present to her dental colleagues at the LA&HA Dental Master’s Symposium, her practical experience with LipLase™ – a protocol for plumping and defining the lips using the Er:YAG laser in the dental setting (without the use of injectable filler).

In 2023, Brenda published her work showcasing the use of an advanced laser technique of cleaning for canals with challenging blockages to improve long-term outcomes of root canal treatment compared to conventional techniques. Her case study can be found in Roots! International Magazine of Endodontics, No 1 edition, 2023, ) Issn 2193-4673. Vol 19, pg 25-27. Laser-assisted irrigation in endodontic treatment of a tooth with obstructed canals -This case report showcased an advanced laser technique of cleaning root canals with challenging blockages to improve the long-term outcomes of root canal treatments compared to conventional techniques.

Throughout her years in clinical practice, she has also dedicated much of her time to research and understands the many factors involved in facial aging and in particular, its relationship with the teeth as the dentition wears down. As an example of her passion for improving cosmetic outcomes for her patients, Brenda was the first dentist in the Geelong region to offer Hydrafacial™ treatments in a dental setting. She was among the first group of dentists in Australia to learn about fat-dissolving treatment to shape the face and smile. More recently, Brenda was among the first cohort of dentists in Australia to perform ultrasound guided facial injections.

This means that as your treating dentist, Brenda looks beyond just the teeth and gums, appreciating that the appearance of the whole face, including the health of the facial skin and lip areas, support and provide the ‘frame’ for a beautiful smile. In addition to the more well-known dental procedures, Brenda’s special area of interest has enabled her to use a wider range of specialised techniques to enhance the face that supports the dentition, including:

    • Laser gumlift and laser surgery
    • Ultrasound guided muscle relaxing injections, including reduction of ‘gummy smile’ and relaxing overactive muscles responsible for teeth grinding and clenching
    • Lip enhancements using laser & dermal fillers

After all, we smile with our FACE, not just our teeth! It’s ALL connected!

Every patient that I meet brings along with them their own personality, family background, life experiences and varying health and social factors that will impact on how they want to be treated,” she says.

Tailor-made solutions for each individual and seeing the end result is very fulfilling and a reward in itself. Brenda firmly believes it is a privilege to be someone’s trusted dental professional. She lives up to that because she knows it all starts with care and understanding of each patient’s individual current situation, their aspirations and expectations for their future.

Being able to care for three (sometimes four) generations from the same family in Geelong is Brenda’s most rewarding achievement in her career. She had dreamed of being a dentist since her primary school days and dedicated herself to fulfil this calling ever since.

Approachable and empathetic…

Brenda is honest and direct in her approach – and patients like you love her for it. Having treated people from all ages and backgrounds, her ability to understand the challenges faced by her patients helps her also to thoughtfully work out solutions that will best help them in their unique situations. Born in Malaysia, of Chinese heritage, and raised in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Brenda has been a mainstay at the clinic since 2003 and has grown to love Geelong and the people around her.

Geelong dentist Dr Brenda Loh loves everything about being a dentist. Most of all, she is excited every day to apply the latest developments in dentistry and share the new possibilities it brings for people.

3 key things Brenda enjoys the most about helping you with your dental health:

    1. Educating and motivating people, especially those who started out in poor dental health and transforming them to individuals who want to make improvements, either through treatment or home care or both.
    2. The personal interaction. Catching up with the latest developments in the lives of my patients and their families.
    3. Giving hope (of retaining and improving your dentition) when you are initially presented with hopelessness, that is, expecting they would have no options but to give up.


FAST FACT: Brenda is a working mum to Solomon, Rafael and Johanna. With the unwavering support of her husband, Lin, Brenda is thoroughly committed to her family as well as her work. She identifies strongly with the local community in terms of their values, lifestyle and diversity.


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