The best part about being an oral health therapist is, according to Paras, meeting and interacting with new people daily. And this coming from a person who loved going to the dentist as a child!

“My days are never the same, and there is always a challenge for me to tackle,” she says.

Paras is a graduate from the University of Melbourne where she completed the Bachelor of Oral Health in 2016.

I am very passionate about what I do and am excited to build a rapport and working relationship with my patients,” she says.

When asked why she wanted to get into dentistry, Paras says: “As a child I always loved going to the dentist. It really fascinated me and made my day whenever I was pulled out of school for an appointment.”

“This really stuck with me, and I particularly liked the oral health course due to the work we get to do with young patients who might be anxious and scared.”

“I love kids and feel really grateful to be able to work daily with them.” It’s also the people at Myer Street Dental Clinic, Geelong, that she loves too. “Everyone is incredibly friendly and you always feel like you are an integral part of the team.”

How do you help your patients?

“I think motivation and really taking my time to show them how they can have more control over their own oral health is something I pride myself on,” she says, “I like to think I don’t just fix things when they’re broken, but I work with the patient towards creating the best health possible for their mouths, and preventing future pain.”

3 quick things about Paras Paton you may not know:

  1. Favourite food? I have too many … pasta
  2. Most enjoyable past-time? Playing netball
  3. Most important thing in your life? Sleep!
BEST DENTAL TIP: I might sound like a dentist here, but floss after every meal! Floss the teeth you wish to keep.


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