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In our regular blog, we talk about dental care, treatment and maintenance, sharing our knowledge and expertise with you so you are always in the know. We look forward to seeing you again in the clinic soon. But until then, happy reading and stay healthy!

The team at Myers Street Dental Clinic


Why an easy, no-fuss check-up can save you from years of pain.

“I haven’t been to the dentist in years!”  It’s never a good thing to hear or say. As dentists, we hear this way too much. It may sound like a good thing to some, for those who don’t particularly like the idea of a visit to the dentists’ chair. Perhaps […]

A real dentist rates trending dental products

When it comes to looking after your mouth and teeth, there are so many new products, new ads and new fads. But which of these spruiked innovations are actually worth your time and money? We asked Dr Brenda Loh of Myers Street Dental to break down which products actually make […]

A quick dentist quiz for your kids

Keeping a healthy set of teeth sounds simple enough; if you brush twice a day and floss as well – not to mention regularly seeing your dentist – that really is as good a start as you’d want. The thing is, you may need to know a thing or two […]

Un-packing Your Brushing, with Dr. Brenda Loh

There’s this oversimplified idea that since sweets, soft drinks and juices are bad for your teeth, then the best way to avoid tooth decay is to brush it away straight after consuming it. Therefore, we have endless children’s storybooks, dental health advice flowcharts, reward stickers from the dental clinics, all […]

Questions parents ask about kids’ teeth

We get a lot of parents bringing their kids in for the dental treatments here at Myers Street, and because there are so many variables when it comes to children’s teeth – as opposed to adult ones – a lot of people seem to be asking the same questions. Which […]

The signs of dental problems

We often advise people to “see your dentist early” and talk about “preventative oral care”, but outside of seeing your dentist twice a year, what does that actually look like? What are the problems in your mouth you need to be looking out for? If you experience any of the […]

Does mouthwash help with sore throats caused by a cold?

Not all mouthwashes will help with sore throat. Research shows that commony available mouth wash containing povidone iodine or chlorhexidine is effective in reducing the intensity and duration of the symptoms of sore throat. Iodine based mouthwash is quite effective on certain viruses, bacteria and some fungi as well, however […]

How prescription medication is being used (and overused) in dentistry

After a recent study discovered that American dentists are overprescribing medication, we asked a local expert about the dental practices in Australia. In a recent publication from dental professionals’ magazine Bite, it was pointed out that US dentists prescribe twice as many antibiotics as dentists in Australia do. The 2019 […]

Get The Most Out Of Brushing Your Teeth

What are the biggest brushing technique mistakes people make?  Rinsing: It all begins with their rinsing off all the good stuff. Toothpaste isn’t just about making bubbles and giving you minty fresh breath. The fluoride in toothpaste is especially important for re-hardening the surface of the enamel, making it more […]

Caring for ageing teeth

Time rolls on, you enjoy foods that need to be bitten and chewed, drinks that are acidic or sugary, and your teeth are going to get worn down. But it’s not like it’s something you just need to accept – your teeth don’t have to get worn down to the […]
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