“It’s about treating people the way that I would want to be treated. I make it my responsibility to help my patients understand their existing conditions and the treatment options that are available. At Myers Street Dental Clinic we support any option that our patients choose while educating them on the outcome and possible consequences of the choices they make.”

“I like to know that my patients can continue to be active and social in their day-to-day lives without their dental health stopping them from doing or achieving something,” he says.

“It’s extremely important to me to make dentistry predictable and reduce surprises for the patient. For example, making a crown to increase the strength of the tooth so that there is no concern about the tooth cracking when one bites something hard.”

How he can help you

Our dental practice is proactive in investing in current technology to serve our patients in the best possible way. One example is fluorescence technology for regular oral cancer screening. Dr Herle introduced the new 3Shape TRIOS digital impression system into his practice. This means no more messy, uncomfortable goop trays for impressions. This new and improved digital workflow can provide more efficient, comfortable and predictable dentistry to our patients. Dr Herle also uses a microscope which is a valuable piece of equipment used in successful management of dental treatment.

I frequently use the microscope for dental examinations and treatment – at no additional cost to the patient. This, along with other technologies are fantastic tools to providing a service on a whole new level.”

His true passion in life and what attracted him to the profession was to help others with their health needs.

My vision for the future is stress-free dentistry.

Dr Herle loves it when patients understand what is happening in their mouth, when there is no hesitation to continue with treatment that is important because it makes sense, knowing and understanding the difference it could make in one’s life. Planning complex work, root canal treatment, crown and bridge work and working under a dental microscope are the areas of work where he is most relaxed.

3 things you may not know about Dr Herle:

  1. I had a good family upbringing and pride myself on honesty and being ethical.
  2. Our family used to run an animal shelter for abandoned cows back in India, and I was part of animal group (similar to PETA).
  3. I was highly educated in English throughout my schooling back in India. So when it comes to patient communication, it would be hard to believe that English is actually my second language and not my first.
FAST FACT: Dr Herle enjoys being active, going to the gym and attending the Geelong Dog Obedience School with his two golden retrievers. He is happily married and have two beautiful young boys.


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