As part of our family we want to make sure you receive the very best in dental care and services. It is also our duty of care to educate you on what good dental health is and how it relates to your life … so you can lead the best life for you and your family.

In our regular blog, we talk about dental care, treatment and maintenance, sharing our knowledge and expertise with you so you are always in the know. We look forward to seeing you again in the clinic soon. But until then, happy reading and stay healthy!

The team at Myers Street Dental Clinic


Our advice on how best to recover from your wisdom teeth removal

The time may have come for you to have your wisdom teeth removed. While this is a significant moment in the history of your teeth, it’s something that we at Myers Street Dental handle on a regular basis, and you should know that you’re in good hands. The process doesn’t […]

How 3D Printing is used at Myers Street Dental Clinic

Here at Myers Street Clinic, my team and I have been incorporating 3D printing into our work for the past 4 years – making your dentistry experience less painful and more efficient! If you have no idea what 3D printing is and it sounds like a strange dystopian technology – […]

What to look for when choosing the right dentist for you.

“I have an excellent doctor! You should go see her… cos she’s just lovely!” Phrases like this make me cringe. How is it that so many people measure professional expertise with personality? Imagine picking the best brain surgeon to operate on your wife based on their great sense of humour! […]

Sleep Dentist

Many factors have the potential to negatively impact our sleep. However, it may surprise you to find out that one of them is your teeth! There are proven links between sleep and teeth and gums, so taking proactive steps with your mouth health might be just the thing to improve […]

Geelong dentist warns against TikTok teeth ‘hack’

Dr Brenda Loh from Myers Street Dental spoke to the program about the dangers and long-term damage of using ‘morph beads’ on your teeth, and offered tips on how to avoid ‘hacks’ and protect your teeth properly.  

Midnight Dentistry

A recent article I read showed the difficult situation the people of Ballarat can be faced with considering the lack of emergency dental services in that, and other regional areas. It was a pretty alarming story – a 9-year-old boy in Ballarat was accidentally hit with a golf club and […]

Australian Business Awards – Myers Street Dental

The Myers Street Dental Clinic and everyone here in the team have been working happily with the great Geelong community over many years now. We’re delighted by the community we’ve developed, and how the great care we give people’s teeth has been passed from parents to their children, and that […]

Australian Business Awards – Dr Gautam Herle

Having been in Victoria for more than a decade now, and being a part of the Myers Street Dental Clinic, I know that everyone in the team have been working together with the fantastic Geelong community, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done together. The sense of […]

Budgeting for the dentist: Your teeth are worth a savings plan

Author: Dr Gautam Herle   For whatever reason, dental care is viewed as a luxury. However, saving for the dentist should be viewed as every other household expense. Not everyone has or can afford health insurance with dental. It is all too frequent I have patients miss their dental appointments […]

Time for your kid’s dentist visit? Here are ten of the best ways to ease anxiety

Author: Dr Gautam Herle   New experiences can sometimes be traumatic for young children, and your kid’s dentist visit is often no exception. But it’s important that your children don’t feel like what they’re getting themselves in to is anything that needs to be feared. With the right attitude, approach […]
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