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The team at Myers Street Dental Clinic


When Teeth Scream: Understanding Tooth Pain

Having a toothache is a pain – quite literally! Tooth pain can stem from a problem with the tooth itself or the area surrounding it. There are various reasons why you might experience toothaches, and it’s crucial to understand the possible causes and seek appropriate treatment.  What is Tooth Pain? […]

Addressing Dental Fear and Anxiety: Airflow® Offers a New Approach to Oral Care

The team at Myer Street Dental understands the concerns surrounding dental visits. In Australia, a significant portion of the population—approximately one-third—avoids regular dental visits due to dental fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, this often results in the development of more serious oral conditions that could have been prevented through routine check-ups […]

The Ultimate Guide: Assessing the Quality of a Dentist

Finding a Good Dentist: Your Ultimate Guide Your dentist plays a crucial role in maintaining your oral health and overall well-being. They are your long-term partner in caring for your teeth, gums, and mouth. With regular dental visits over the years, you can establish continuity of care, and benefit from […]

Is a Dental Crown the Solution for You?

A tooth crown, also known as a dental crown or tooth cap, is a versatile dental restoration that can address various dental issues. It restores strength, functionality, shape, and size to a tooth while improving its appearance. In addition to discussing the benefits and purposes of dental crowns, we will […]

Geelong’s Best Family-Friendly Dental Care: A Healthier Future for Everyone

At Myers Street Dental, we are a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the best dental care. We believe that dental health is a fundamental aspect of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We understand that dental care can often feel like a hassle and that many people have […]

A quick guide to getting your teeth whitened at a dental clinic

So you have a big event like a wedding coming up and you’re looking in the mirror at your teeth and considering having them whitened but you’re not sure how it is done or what happens on the day.  Don’t worry teeth whitening in the clinic can lighten teeth by […]

DIY Dental Hack Warning – TikTok Dental Trends to Avoid

There are a lot of DIY hacks on social media, however dental hacks are one thing to avoid. Recent home dental hacks on TikTok have many dentists concerned, especially ones showing DIY teeth filing and DIY melting beads for veneers.  https://youtu.be/j1JNMjbw6MQ TikTok tooth filing trends that make you cringe DIY […]