What you don’t know about DIY teeth whitening kits

All of us want beautiful teeth with a bright, white smile, wouldn’t you agree? But ageing, poor brushing technique, and staining from sauces, tea, coffee, red wine, berries, and tobacco smoking can all make teeth look less than stellar.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures, and there are a number of options for achieving this:

  • In-clinic whitening performed by your dentist
  • At home kits customised by your dentist
  • Generic DIY (do it yourself) teeth whitening kit products available for purchase from supermarkets and similar, where a one-size-fits-all device or paint-on gels may be used.

Bleaching agents used for whitening teeth are peroxide-based. In-office systems use agents with 15-43 per cent peroxide; at-home agents use 3-20 per cent peroxide.

The stronger the solution, kept on for longer, the whiter your teeth will become. Yet the stronger solutions should be left on for shorter times to avoid tooth dehydration, sensitivity, and burning of the gums.

Only your dentist can oversee this so that it is both safe and effective.

Many people believe the easiest and cheapest option is to use a generic DIY whitening kit that they can easily buy from their local pharmacy or even supermarket.

While these may cost less than professional dentist kits or in-clinic whitening procedures, they produce substandard results: they use a weaker bleaching agent, take longer, aren’t targeted properly, and use poor application tools and processes.

Not all stains will be removed by these kits, the whitening result may not be even, and there is not adequate protection provided for your gums and the other soft tissue in your mouth from the bleaching agent. The really scary thing about these generic DIY kits or paint-on gels is that some may not state the concentration of the peroxide supplied.  Without a well-fitted, custom made device, people may end up swallowing the peroxide gels.

Here’s what can help…

By far your best option for teeth whitening is to come to Myers Street Dental in Geelong for professional, safe, expert teeth whitening. Firstly, our oral health therapists clean your teeth thoroughly to remove stains that arise from food and drinks.

Our convenient “at home” bleaching kits are the most affordable option, and involve the oral health therapist taking an impression of your mouth and making a custom mould to safely hold the premium bleaching agent against your teeth.

These agents are supplied by the dentist and are more stable, safer, and more effective than the generic options.

This method helps prevent swallowing of the bleaching agent, and you will apply it a few times at home – you are completely in control of the frequency of bleaching and how much product you use. The dentist or oral health therapist will recommend what is best for your individual needs.

We can also offer in-clinic bleaching for discoloured teeth after root canal treatment.

Call us today for the very best method of whitening your teeth – the results will speak for themselves! To schedule an appointment, simply phone (03) 5222 4599 for the very best in dental care today.


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