Australian Business Awards – Myers Street Dental

The Myers Street Dental Clinic and everyone here in the team have been working happily with the great Geelong community over many years now. We’re delighted by the community we’ve developed, and how the great care we give people’s teeth has been passed from parents to their children, and that our relationships with you have spanned generations.

That’s the bigger goal for us – to ensure a lifelong, positive relationship between us – you, your family, and your smiles. That’s what we’re after at the end the day: better, happier, healthier smiles.

So, in addition to making the Geelong community smile more, we’ve got an added feather in our cap. Some exciting news to share: we’re proud to say that we here at the Myers Street Dental Clinic have been nominated in the Australian Small Business Awards.

Knowing that we’ve been bringing bigger, happier smiles to the faces of our community of patients for all these years is reward enough, but we’re honoured to be considered for such additional recognition.

And just like we’ve been in partnership with you over the years, we’d really appreciate it if you’d offer your support in getting us over the line.

If you’d like to vote for the Myers Street Dental Clinic, simply follow this link, register your name and email address, then:

  1. In the ‘Business Name’ tab, enter Myers Street Dental Clinic
  2. In the ‘Suburb’ tab, enter Geelong
  3. In the drop-down menu for ‘State’, select VIC
  4. And finally, provide a star rating out of five (we’d like a 5-star rating, but it’s up to you!) and click ‘Submit’.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. We look forward to seeing you back at the clinic for your next dental treatment.

(03) 5222 4599