Facial Rejuvenation


If you’re initially thinking that it seems strange for a dentist to be talking about facial rejuvenation, you’re not the only one.

Here are some reasons why it makes perfect sense for you to explore the changes in your skin and facial structures as part of your dental consultation:

  • Dentists are the only health professional we see on a regular basis, especially when we think we are healthy. Most people only see their doctors and seek specialist opinions when they see or feel a problem, so there could be medical problems that remain undiagnosed until and unless you report feeling unwell or find something obviously abnormal.  On the contrary, as a regular health service, dentists are uniquely privileged to be able to identify all kinds of medical issues from the conditions that present both inside and outside of a patient’s mouth.  From the findings of your dental examination, a dentist is able to screen for conditions such as oral cancer, diabetes, hormonal changes, abnormal skin conditions including skin cancers, bleeding disorders and airway obstructions that correlate to sleep apnoea. If we detect any suspicious conditions, it is our duty of care to direct patients to their medical specialists for further investigation.
  • The face is the ‘frame’ that presents your beautiful smile. When you put in time and effort to ensure that you have a healthy set of teeth, it’s important also to remember that the face and skin around that set of teeth also needs care and attention in order to also stay healthy to complete that beautiful smile.
  • Dentists receive intensive training on the anatomy of the head and neck and are especially knowledgeable in the structures of the face, both inside and outside of the mouth. When it comes to safely injecting products and medications into the face, it’s important to ensure that the professional providing it has in-depth knowledge to navigate the complexity of the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and soft tissue of the head and neck.
  • Facial aging and wrinkles of the face is more than just skin deep. Lines appear on the face, as;
    1. Teeth wear down with grinding and long-term damage
    2. The bone and fat surrounding the jaw and facial bones deplete over time
    3. Skin elasticity and turnover diminishes due to many factors including long-term dehydration, sun exposure and medications and medical conditions

Your dental records and clinical photographs document the changes to the shape of your face as aging occurs, so it is possible to discuss early strategies to address its effects.

Skin care advice

A good skincare regime at home is just as important for maintaining a fresh and healthy smile as daily toothbrushing. Remember that the skin is the largest organ of your body – a living, breathing organ that protects us from harm.  So, wouldn’t you want to look after it well as you would your liver or heart?

At Myers Street Dental Clinic, as part of addressing the  broader health message, your active maintenance discussion may also include talk about sun protection or appropriate active ingredients to look for in skin care products for your skin condition (such as acne, uneven skin tone or pigmentation). If you have questions about appropriate skin care for you, ask your dentist or oral health therapist to point you in the right direction.


Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation therapy. Small amounts of carbon dioxide or CO2 gas are injected directly into the skin of the face, neck or body to rejuvenate ageing skin and keep young skin healthier for longer.

CO2 is naturally produced in the living human body with every breath of oxygen, so it is well absorbed, non-toxic and no-one can be allergic to the gas. When injected into an area during carboxytherapy, the body naturally assumes that area is hypoxic (ie lacks oxygen) and responds by sending oxygen to that area. How does it achieve that? The oxygen is delivered within the blood vessels and carried in the blood, along with all the nutrients for natural healing and rejuvenation.

Carboxytherapy is a safe and effective way to reduce lines and wrinkles around the face, to treat dark circles under eyes. It can also be used to dissolve isolated fat deposits under the skin, and can even reduce stretch marks.

Improvements in skin quality can be noticeable after approximately 3 session, with the effects lasting longer if a course of carboxytherapy were administer weekly to fortnightly for approximately 8 to 10 sessions. In most cases, carboxytherapy can be administered over a 30minute session, with the majority of patients heading straight back to work immediately without any downtime.

Before (above) and after 8 courses of carboxytherapy (below)


Before (left) and after 8 course of carboxytherapy (right)


See Carboxytherapy at Myers Street Dental Clinic featured on the National Nine News.

Lipolysis (fat dissolving) injections

The head and neck naturally consists of many fat compartments that shape our face.  As much as we dislike the presence of fat, its even distribution is crucial to supporting the facial features.  When we put on weight, more fat cells grow and expand.  When we lose weight, the fat cells do not simply ‘go away’, they merely deflate.  Therefore after weight loss, there are often are some stubborn isolated deposits of fat that collect under the skin.  As aging occurs, the normal fat compartments slide downwards, “weighing down” the facial features.   In the head and neck area, these could be seen as:

  • Under the chin
  • Cheek fat
  • Jowl fat
  • Under-eye fat

Whilst there are several techniques to get rid of unwanted fat, including liposuction, cryotherapy, laser therapy and even carboxytherapy, lipolysis injections are a safe, non-surgical and cost-effective method to dissolve away fat from the face and neck area.

Threadlift (non-surgical facelift)

As aging occurs the facial skin becomes less elastic, allowing for the laxed skin to crease and fold around the nose and mouth or sag beyond the jawline (forming jowls).

Threadlifts are a non-surgical technique where specially designed resorbable surgical sutures are inserted under the skin layer under local anaesthetic and repositions the facial and neck skin in a more upward direction.  This stimulates a deliberate inflammatory response along the lines of the threads, instructing the body to create collagen in the pathway.  As the sutures resorb over the course of a few months, the patient’s own body produces its own collagen to hold the skin in this position.

The treatment aims to:

  • Soften the creases at the nasolabial folds (ie lines extending downwards from the side of the nose)
  • Soften the creases at the Marionette lines (ie lines extending downwards from the corners of the mouth0
  • Provide uplifting of the jowls (ie where skin sags beyond the jawline)

LED Phototherapy

Also known as Light Therapy, LED Phototherapy is a method of using different wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin to combat certain skin conditions.  Each wavelength (seen as varying colours), reaches different areas within the skin to boost the cell activity.  The result is faster recovery from active skin treatments and injuries, calming sensitive and irritated skin.

LED Phototherapy using the blue light is especially effective in treatment of active acne breakouts by killing the bacteria responsible for most breakouts.  Acne scarring has also been seen to clear up after a few treatments at varying wavelengths.

Best of all, even if you don’t have any specific injuries or blemishes to treat, the LED Phototherapy is great for boosting collagen and elastin production, producing a healthier-looking and glowing complexion.

Stem cell (Concentrated Growth Factors) collagen induction treatments

Concentrated growth factors present in the blood are responsible for rapid growth and healing. From a blood sample taken at the time of treatment, patients can harness the power of growth and healing from these stem cells to trigger new cells in the skin, jawbone and other parts of the body.  The best part of using growth factors from the patient’s own body is that it is safe to use with no chance of rejection.

Collagen is naturally occurring in the body and is responsible for helping our body parts to keep its natural shape.  Injuries and trauma to the skin (including acne) often causes scarring to occur as the skin recovers.

Dermal Micro-needling is a procedure where controlled micro-needles gently but accurately enter the dermal layer of the skin to break down old scars and stimulate the skin to rapidly grown new collagen, elastin and fresh skin cells. When combined with stem cells (concentrated growth factors), the result over the course of a few treatments can be seen as:

  • Improved appearance of scars
  • Healthier glow and radiant looking skin
  • Softening of fine lines
  • Greater elasticity of the skin
  • More consistent skin texture across the different areas of the face

Collagen Induction Therapy or Dermal Micro-needling with concentrated growth factors is performed by drawing a blood sample from the patient, separating the sample in a centrifuge and extracting the stem cells from the patient’s own sample.  This golden-coloured liquid is introduced into the dermis of the skin using sterile, single-use micro-needles and with the use of local anaesthetic. The procedure is generally painless. Patients can expect to appear red in the skin (appearing as if sunburnt) for approximately 3 days after treatment, with the old skin peeling away in the first week or two. Depending on the skin type and area of concern, best results can be achieved after 4-6 treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart.

Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle-relaxer Injections

In areas of the face where there are deficiencies in the volume, dermal filler injections are effective in achieving better definition of facial features.  The aim of facial injections with dermal fillers is not to turn back time or look younger –rather, the aim is to appear ‘less tired’ and ‘more refreshed’.

Muscle-relaxing medications are used in the dental setting for treatment of over-active muscles that may cause facial pains, excessive clenching and grinding leading to frequently broke teeth or gummy-smiles (where the strong upper lip pulls up too high).  In addition, the same drugs can also be injected into other muscles of the face for reduction of ‘at rest wrinkles’, which occur because of hyperactive muscle activity in the face.

Areas of the face that can be enhanced with facial injectable materials and medications include:

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Under-eye areas
  • Jowl and jawline lifts
  • Neck

As everyone is an individual and there is not one single treatment that suits everyone, it is important to discuss your skin concerns with the dentist to determine the best therapies that suit you and your skin concerns. Speak to the team at Myers Street Dental Clinic to arrange an appointment to discuss how to best manage your skin and features to create a beautiful full-face smile.

DID YOU KNOW? Approximately 2 out of three 75-year olds have had a kind of skin cancer at least once in their lifetime?


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