Budgeting for the dentist: Your teeth are worth a savings plan

Author: Dr Gautam Herle

For whatever reason, dental care is viewed as a luxury. However, saving for the dentist should be viewed as every other household expense.

Not everyone has or can afford health insurance with dental. It is all too frequent I have patients miss their dental appointments with me because the cost is seen as being too steep. Also common are those who don’t have dental insurance, which is often a wholly different beast to general health insurance. Some people don’t have any insurance at all. Medicare doesn’t cover a vast majority of dental work, unless you’re going in for surgery, then the anaesthetic will be covered… itself is cold comfort.

That’s going to set you back, and it can add salt to the wound, as it were (although I never use salt with my patients) if you have to fork over hard-earned money for the (not always pleasant) experience. Click here to read more.

Original article: https://www.thebigsmoke.com.au/2019/12/31/budgeting-for-the-dentist-your-teeth-are-worth-a-savings-plan/

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