How to have a great smile – and why you need one!

Your smile is incredibly important. In many cases, it is the first and greatest impression you give of yourself – studies even suggest it is the most important aspect of your entire look!

The power of your smile isn’t just in its impact on others – it’s also very much about how your smile makes you feel.

Do you feel proud and delighted to let your natural smile shine? Or does your smile make you feel self-conscious?

There are lots of reasons why you may feel self-conscious about your smile.

Perhaps your teeth are discoloured. Maybe they appear ‘patchy’ because the old fillings have deteriorated over the years.  Perhaps they aren’t straight. You might have gaps, chipped teeth, or even missing teeth. Your teeth may be overly large or small, or you may have a very gummy smile.

The great news is that all of these can be modified by your dentist (and frequently without orthodontic treatment).

Why you need a great smile

Smiling confidently is a powerful thing. It makes you look better, feel better, and it helps keep the blues away.

Smiling makes you more interesting, more approachable, and it infuriates negative people! It is also shown to fight stress.

The quality of your smile and your confidence in it can impact on your social life, your career, and your personal life. People who genuinely smile a lot are regarded by others as being competent, positive, and happy, and this can open up new opportunities for a more fulfilled life in all areas.

How to have a great smile

1. Look after your teeth

This includes brushing correctly with the right toothbrush and the right toothpaste. Floss daily, preferably in the evening before bed.

2. Avoid foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth

Foods that are high in acid or sugar can destroy the enamel on your teeth, as can coffee, tea, and red wine. 

3. Don’t smoke cigarettes

Smoking stains and darkens teeth (as well as causing bad breath and oral cancer). 

4. Visit your dentist and oral health therapist regularly

Regular cleaning and check-ups keep your teeth and mouth healthy and your teeth looking their best. Rather than waiting for damage to occur before attempting to fix it, a good dentist and oral health therapist will have a strong focus on preventive dentistry, which may include remineralisation techniques, so that the damage doesn’t get a chance to happen.  

5. If necessary, have your teeth whitened

Your dentist can carry out in-chair whitening or create a custom tray and teeth whitening solution for you for the best results. 

6. Seek advice from your dentist regarding cosmetic dentistry

Your dentist can offer an array of treatment options to improve your smile. These include veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, and other cosmetic procedures to correct your smile and provide you with results you’ll be proud to show off.

A brilliant, radiant smile plays a huge part in the happiness and success of your everyday life. We can also talk with you about teeth whitening, closing gaps, and restoration of cracked, chipped, or crooked teeth without orthodontic treatment.

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