You may not know this but Myers Street Dental Clinic’s Dr Steven Mitchell is a qualified school teacher! It’s easy to see why his patients love him as a family dental practitioner, especially the children.

Like his counterpart Dr Amon, Dr Mitchell has been a dentist for more than 40 years. He’s seen thousands of patients in that time and uses his school teacher experience to not only educate people on their dental health journey, but also to build a connection and quick rapport.

Dr Mitchell saw the similarities between his two chosen careers when he decided to change paths.

I was still helping people,” he says. “My one aim has always been my ability to improve a patient’s oral health, however we can.

“Not only that but being a dentist has always interested me and has given me the opportunity to work independently.” Dr Mitchell says the best part about working at Myers Street Dental Clinic, Geelong, is working with motivated colleagues.

“I agree with Dr Amon, it hasn’t changed in the whole time we have worked here,” he said. “I am still proud to work here and with such great people. It’s great place to come to work and there’s a strong team environment.” 

Myers Street Dental Clinic is a family practice. The team have strong family values and like Dr Mitchell are waiting to help yours. When asked how he helps his patients, Dr Mitchell says it’s about oral health instructions, practice and minimal intervention dentistry.

“We want you to feel comfortable coming in to see us,” he says. “That’s important because we know that is can be daunting for some people. But we are here to help you and make your oral health journey hassle-free and easy as much as we are able to. We want you to lead a great life, not just a good one. And we believe your overall health and wellbeing should start with a visit to your dentists. So come and see us.”

3 quick facts about Dr Steven Mitchell you may not know:

  1. Favourite food: Asian
  2. Most enjoyable past-time: Golf
  3. Most important thing in your life: Family and friends
BEST DENTAL TIP: Regular dental examinations minimise the treatment required.


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