Dr Joseph Juric, or Joe as he is affectionately known by his team, is passionate about looking after his patients and making sure they are truly satisfied and happy with the treatment they receive.

It is important to Joe to establish trust and build relationships with patients and he does that by listening intentively to their needs. He loves it when patients are able to make well informed decisions about the treatment they want, therefore educating patients about their oral and overall health is something that is key to him.

Joe is a highly experienced and sought-after dental professional with a variety of dental interests and experience. Myers Street Dental Clinic has historical prominence in the Geelong community. It was this, the people and the team that attracted Joe and he has been an owner and principal dentist at Myers Street Dental Clinic since 2016.

…all the right ingredients…

“All my life, I have wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and that’s why I became a dentist. It was in Year 12 that I spoke to our careers teacher and they suggested dentistry might be a great option.”

“I really love getting to know people and talking to them on a personal level. There are so many a-ha moments!”

I have a special interest and a multi-disciplinary approach to the impact of dentistry and teeth on sleep, headaches, posture, facial shape and symmetry, along with general health and wellness while reducing the risks of chronic health diseases, such as stroke, dementia, diabetes and so on.

Joe is committed to his patients and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and help you maintain your natural teeth for life.

Dr Joseph Juric, or Joe as he is affectionately known by his team, is passionate about looking after his patients and making sure they are truly satisfied and happy with the treatment they receive.

The most rewarding

People come to us because they want a beautiful smile, but it’s more than that most of the time. On occasion we are privileged to be part of life altering situations and it just bring things back into perspective.

I once saw a patient in Melbourne, an executive man with two teenage boys. During his first dental exam with me, I noticed some signs that could indicate he may be living with potentially dangerous sleep apnoea and I referred him to undergo a sleep study. The next time I saw him he told me that they found that he stopped breathing 100 times an hour! He was practically a ticking time bomb. The most rewarding for me, which was almost beyond believe, was when he told me I saved his life.”

“During another time a patient, whose blood seems slightly thin, was referred to have a blood test as I felt it was worthwhile getting it checked. It turned out he had a dangerous glandular issue which was potentially life threatening. It was when this second patient told me I saved his life that I realised how much more of an impact one can have on someone’s life by just having a simple conversation, educating people on how the mouth fits into their overall health.”

More about Joe

Joe comes from a private practice in Kew, Victoria, where he worked for 16 years, starting as an employee, then as a partner and eventually became the sole owner, combining three practices into one over that time. He was only the third dentist to work in that practice since 1927 who had a well-established multigenerational patient base and was carefully selected to take over from the previous owner.

Joe graduated at the University of Melbourne in 1992 and since then has had a varied dental career. After graduating he worked in the UK for two years before starting orthodontic training through Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, a global training school based in California. He completed this course  in 2002. He later graduated from The Las Vegas Institute (2012) for Advanced Clinical Dentistry where he focused on a multi-faceted and physiological approach to providing dental care with Advanced Dental Studies in Neuromuscular and Reconstructive Oral Rehabilitation.

3 things Joe enjoys the most about dentistry:

  1. My patients trust me. It can take a lot of courage for people to visit the dentist. It is the best feeling knowing someone trusts you enough to help them achieve their goals.
  2. Connecting with new patients and reconnecting with regular patients. Having real relationships with your patients is the only way to care for them.
  3. We are building a community for the community.
FAST FACT: Joe and his beautiful wife has a vibrant young family of 4 girls and a boy - his father’s ally among the girls!


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