Aka Fay.

Every day he wakes up and says to himself:

“Today, I’m going to be the best possible person. I am going to be on my best behaviour, offer up the best of myself and be the most wonderfully authentic gentleman possible. Treat my patients with comprehensive, conscientious, delicate care. For the benefit of my patients, I will never lose hope, courage or commitment toward improving their wellbeing.”

Fay chose dentistry because he believes that it is a rewarding and fulfilling career. He finds joy and satisfaction in helping to alleviate the initial pain and suffering of his patients caused by dental disease, and then guiding them back to health and being able to smile with confidence for the years to come. Fay takes pride in performing quality dentistry and conducts himself to an exceedingly high professional standard. Fay set upon his career working in private practice, serving the rural community of Shepparton. During his Doctor of Dental Surgery training at The Melbourne University, Fay developed a deep bond with rural towns and their people. He wanted to continue providing exceptional dentistry to patients outside of the Metropolitan areas, and this is why Fay continues to travel from Melbourne every day to serve the Geelong Community.

Fay’s interests include:

  1. Keeping fit
  2. Family time
  3. Travelling
  4. Work work work


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